BPI Building Analyst (BA) – Test Essentials

A 1st-level professional certification – the Gateway to a Career in Home Performance

  • Official title of certification: Building Analyst
  • Sponsoring organization: Building Performance Institute (BPI)
  • Career Benefits: the BA certification is rapidly becoming the gateway to a career in home performance. Without it you can work in a crew or as an auditor’s assistant, but you probably won’t get much further.  Many states and utility programs require that all energy auditors have this certification, and this trend is on the rise.  For parallel fields in which BPI company certification is not a necessity – for instance, many HVAC companies – BPI certification can serve to distinguish a company from its competitors by demonstrating a commitment to professional education.  Others can also benefit from the certification: energy management professionals, utility program administrators and consultants, salespeople in “green” industries, and even many architects challenge the test to show that they have a good basic understanding of home performance.
  • Applicable Industries: energy auditing and home inspection, weatherization, construction and remodeling, HVAC, indoor air quality, architecture/engineering, utility administration
  • Exam Content: basic building science concepts; combustion testing; blower door testing; BPI Standards
  • Exam Prerequisites: none; some knowledge of construction and building science is helpful but not required
  • Training Class required to take exam?: No
  • Average Cost of Training Class: ~$1600 (sometimes includes testing fees – be sure to ask provider)
  • Typical Training Class Length (excluding testing days): 4 days
  • Components of exam: 2 (written and proctored field)
  • Exam Fee: prices are largely set by the training “affiliate” – $125-250 written and $125-450 for proctored field test
  • Testing Time and Length:

–>  for candidates who already certified HERS Raters: 1.5 hours for 50 questions (written);

2 hours for proctored field test + registration time

–>  for candidates who are not HERS Raters: 2 hours for 100 questions (written);

2 hours for proctored field test + registration time

  • Pass Requirements: minimum overall score on both written and field exam of 70%;

        85% required on field exam modules relating to CAZ and CO

  • Required Equipment?: candidates are responsible for providing their own, but a proctor will normally have them – still, it is best to ask in advance
  • Required Recertification?: every 3 years (options for Continuing Education units or re-taking exams)

Registration Process: register for both components of the exam with a BPI “affiliate,” a company that is a recognized BPI training provider.  Don’t forget to ask about testing fees, which are set by the affiliate. A list of affiliates by state can be found at: http://www.bpi.org/affiliates.aspx

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