BPI Envelope Professional — Test Essentials

A 2nd-level certification that can confirm your knowledge and professionalism

  • Official title of certification: Building Envelope Professional
  • Sponsoring organization: Building Performance Institute (BPI)
  • Career Benefits: many states and utility programs require that home performance companies have at least one BPI Envelope Professional (EP) on staff; where this is not a requirement, the advanced certification can still distinguish a company from its competition; advanced certifications can also be useful for personal career development and marketability
  • Applicable Industries: energy auditing and home inspection, weatherization, construction and remodeling, HVAC, indoor air quality, architecture/engineering, utility administration
  • Exam Content: (beyond Building Analyst): somewhat more advanced building science concepts; duct leakage testing and pressure diagnostics
  • Exam Prerequisites: BPI Building Analyst (BA) training/certification is highly recommended but not required
  • Training Class required to take exam?: No
  • Average Cost of Training Class: ~$1200 (sometimes includes testing fees – be sure to ask training provider)
  • Typical Training Class Length (excluding testing days): 2 days
  • Components of exam: 2 (written and proctored field)
  • Exam Fee: prices are largely set by the training “affiliate” – $125-250 written and $125-450 for proctored field test
  • Testing Time and Length:

–> for candidates who already hold another BPI certification (typical case):

1.5 hours for 50 questions (written); 2 hours for proctored field test + registration time

–> for candidates who do not already hold another BPI certification:

2 hours for 100 questions (written); 2 hours for proctored field test + registration time

  • Pass Requirements: minimum overall score on both written and field exam of 70%;

85% required on field exam modules relating to CAZ and CO

  • Required Equipment?: candidates are responsible for providing their own, but a proctor will normally have them – still, it is best to ask in advance
  • Required Recertification?: every 3 years (options for Continuing Education units or re-taking exams)
  • Registration Process: register for both components of the exam with a BPI “affiliate,” a company that is a recognized BPI training provider.  Don’t forget to ask about testing fees, which are set by the affiliate. A list of affiliates by state can be found at: http://www.bpi.org/affiliates.aspx
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