BPI Envelope Professional Practice Exam Package

The BPI Envelope Professional (EP)
Ultimate Practice Exam Package


The BPI Envelope Professional (EP) certification was established to recognize a level of training and an in-depth knowledge of home performance that goes above and beyond the Building Analyst (BA) certification. The certification is increasingly in demand as government agencies, utility programs, and even consumers expect this higher professional standard. The certification proves a deeper knowledge of home performance than is tested on the BA examination, and signifies a stronger commitment to the field. While a good class is generally still advisable, this guide could help save you over $1000 in class fees and $600 in re-testing fees if you pass the first time!


This EP Practice Exam Package includes:

2 Realistic full-length practice exams

  • 100 Total multiple-choice questions covering the major concepts likely to appear on your exam
  • Sorted by category to help you track your progress as you study and hone in your strengths and weaknesses

Complete answers with helpful explanations of difficult problems

  • Understand the questions you miss and master essential test concepts with helpful explanations that help you get at the heart of the test. This is where many other test guides leave you on your own.

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….as well as special BONUS items to help you get as prepared as possible for test day!

Bonus #1: Essential insider pointers for exam success

  • Valuable test day tips from veteran energy auditors, including a section on how to prepare for the Field Exam

Bonus #2: “Test by the letters”

  • Need-to-know abbreviations for your exam study and test day

Bonus #3: “Test by the numbers”

  • The most essential numbers and figures for exam success

Bonus #4: rapid-fire true/false quiz

  • 25 rapid-fire true/false questions to help you quickly identify any gaps in your building envelope knowledge


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Best of Luck to you all on the exam! and contact us with any questions.

Parker Williams, and the Green Credential Team

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