How to use a Solar Pathfinder

How to use a Solar Pathfinder

1. Check the solar pathfinder  data sheet (the
black form with white lines) to make sure you are working with the correct latitude for your
2. Set up the tripod and base of the Pathfinder

3. Place the Solar Pathfinder facing solar south—Adjust to to magnetic south be adding or
subtracting magnetic declination. (see section 4.2)
4. Level the Solar Pathfinder so the bubble is directly in the center of the black circle in the bubble
5. View the dome of the Pathfinder from directly overhead, or take a picture from directly over the
Pathfinder. Look for reflections of trees, buildings, power lines/poles, and other obstructions.
6. Using a was pencil, draw a line that traces the outline of these potential obstructions.
7. Determine if there will be shading between 9AM and 3PM for that site throughout the year.

solar pathfinder

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