NABCEP Entry Level Study Guide

NABCEP Entry-Level Exam Study Guide


Green Credential’s study guide for the NABCEP Entry Level certificate of Knowledge (COK) is the best and most focused study guide out there. It is designed to help anyone wanting to pass the NABCEP Entry Level Exam and get into the solar industry.  Get the PDF download and start studying in minutes, available right now!

 This NABCEP Entry-Level Practice Exam Package includes:

1 Realistic Full-Length Practice Exam

  • 60 Total multiple-choice questions covering the major concepts likely to appear on your exam
  • Sorted by category to help you track your progress as you study and hone in your strengths and weaknesses

Complete answers with helpful explanations of difficult problems

  • Understand the questions you miss and master essential test concepts with helpful explanations that help you get at the heart of the test.  This is where many other test guides leave you on your own.
1 No Non-sense 80 Page Study Guide
  • Full of only the information you need to know for the exam.  Other textbooks and guides include extraneous information
  •  The study guide is 80 pages, written in outline form with everything you need to know.  The study guide breaks down this content and explains the reasoning behind the facts.
  • The NABCEP learning objectives include: (All covered in the Study Guide)
    • Section 0: Course Introduction
    • Section 1: PV Markets and Applications
    • Section 2: Electricity Basics
    • Section 3: Solar Energy Fundamentals
    • Section 4: PV Module Fundamentals
    • Section 5: Safety Basics
    • Section 6: System Components
    • Section 7: PV System Sizing
    • Section 8: PV System Electrical Design
    • Section 9: PV System Mechanical Design
    • Section 10: Performance Analysis and Troubleshooting
Quality PDFs,  Buy now, download, and start studying in 3 minutes!

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Note: You are eligible to take this test if you have experience of at least 1 kWh installation and one year of experience, or pass a NABCEP certified solar electric course.

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