BA/EP testimonials (all are genuine testimonials for the BA/EP “Ultimate” Combo)
I recently took my written exam to become a BPI certified auditor.  Green Credential study guide made all the difference.  Only two out of seven in my testing group were able to pass the exam.  I was able to pass with time to spare.  However, two of my co-workers and the state inspector all failed.  Thanks again Green Credential.
 – Rich, Baltimore, MD
I am the owner of a new energy solutions start-up and we needed an effective practice study guide for the BPI Analyst/Envelope Exam.  I recently used Green Credential’s BPI BA/EP Study Guide to both pass my own BPI exams and get 2 of my new hires certified.  This study guide is helpful, knowledge based, and student friendly.  It not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for.
 – Sue, Alexandria, VA
 I believe I was able to pass my BPI Analyst and Envelope Specialist certification exams because I had Green Credential’s practice exams.  I received a 71% and 75% on each practice test after my own studying, sufficient enough for passing the real exams.  The extra practice really instilled a confidence I don’t usually have before taking stressful exams.  After taking the official exams I received a 72% and 81%.  Looking back I realize that the Green Credential practice exams were more difficult than the actual exams, so taking them actually boosted my scores by preparing me above and beyond what was needed”
 – Amine, Hunt Valley, MD